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Welcome to BCA Phones

Welcome to BCA Phones. bad credit mobile site dedicated to help you land on the best mobile deal of your choice regardless of your past credit history. Have you made applications for bad credit mobile phones but have been declined? Search no more. We are the best solution to all your bad credit phone needs. While many may shy away from giving you a mobile contract due to your bad credit history, we choose to believe in you and offer you a chance to redeem yourself from your past credit.

BCA Phones offers you a chance to access a Bad Credit Phone Contract from major network companies with the opportunity to pay for the offer on a monthly basis. This is done through an easy step process that will not take your time. Making an application through us greatly improves your chances of having your application accepted. This is owed to the good relations we have built with the network companies and a reputation of bringing credit worthy clients despite their bad past credit history.

Steps to obtaining a mobile contract with a bad credit

1. Fill an application form

BCA Phones has a simple application process to offer its applicants. You can do this right from the site. Our form needs a minute or less depending on ones speed to complete. It collects basic information about you as the applicant to help match you to offers that you may be interested in. filling the application form is free and you get a free quote in return.

2. Select your preferred offer

We have a large variety of bad credit mobile phone offers for our applicants. From the free quote form, you will able to view a large number of bad credit mobile contracts on offer that are matched to your ability. You are free to select the offer that suits you best.

3. Get approved

The next and final step is to fill an application with your desired phone to get what you want. This usually takes a short process and entirely depends on the applicant. Fast filling of the form provided and signing of the proper documentation means you can get your phone in no time. All the network company needs to do is approve or decline the application. This is usually done within hours of sending the application.

4. Receive your phone

With approval, you are required to sign the proper documentation for the contract. Once completed and sent back to the network company, your selected phone is dispatched.

Amazing offers

A bad credit mobile is just the amazing offer you have been waiting for. The terms come with no strings attached and all is just as simple as it looks. Reasons making it the best alternative include:

Improving your chances of getting approved

There are many ways that you can improve your chances to get approved. However, there is a best way to do it. It is quite simple and it has led to over 95% approval rates with BCA Phones. The main way is by selecting the best phone that matches your financial standing and credit report. If you have a bad credit report, even with a stable job it remains hard to convince the mobile company that you can meet the payments. It is good to know that prompt payment doesn’t only need the money but also the discipline with you.

It is best to work your way slowly from the bad to a better credit rating. You can take up band 1 or band 2 phones if you can manage to meet the monthly payments. This will improve your chances of having your application approved. SIM only contracts are other options that you can select if you choose to have your application approved. This is because they are reliable and at the same time low cost. This makes them ideal for individuals who have a phone that they would like to keep and pay for low monthly charges.